what is lic6?

It’s no secret that gambling addiction, eating disorders, sex addiction, internet addiction and other compulsive, non-drug-related behaviors often exist in parallel with chemical dependency.

The Lifestyle Intervention Conference remains the only educational opportunity in the U.S. that prepares clinicians to address Process Addiction as a vital piece of drug and alcohol addiction treatment, filling a significant gap in training and resources for clinical professionals.

This annual three-day Las Vegas event is hosted by American Addiction Centers and designed to provide valuable training, practical networking, and a well-deserved break for people from all corners of the behavioral health field.

make your case to attend

Use these talking points to copy and paste as a part of a letter or email, reference during a face-to-face meeting, or even print off to slip in your manager’s mailbox as a concrete reminder that the training and experience you receive at LIC6 will benefit you, your organization, and most importantly, the clients you serve.

What is LIC6?

LIC6 is the first and only professional conference in the U.S. to address Process Addictions as a component of chemical dependency, providing valuable education and resources for providers serving those struggling with substance abuse.

Why Attend?

Get training you can’t find anywhere else.

LIC6 is the ONLY conference in the country that trains you to address Process Addiction as a component of successful substance abuse treatment.

Build camaraderie, boost morale.

LIC6 is a wonderful opportunity to bring your team together, learn a lot, and strengthen the personal bonds that lead to cohesive, collaborative professional treatment for your clients.

Respect your budget.

LIC6 provides a dynamic, “whole-package” experience at a cost that’s comparable to a standard conference investment.

  • Discounted $199/ night double-occupancy room rate at the Bellagio
  • Cost-conscious registration pricing with early bird discounts
  • You won’t spend a dime all day: Breakfast, Lunch, and two snack breaks included in registration, with coffee, soda and complimentary drinks provided all day
  • Exclusive Game Night admission included, with more than $5,000 in prizes
  • Earn up to 24 CEs
  • Conference costs may be tax-deductible as a continuing education and professional development expense.

Fight burnout.

The behavioral health field puts unique stresses and strains on its professionals that can lead to a high-turnover environment. LIC6 is an opportunity for energizing education and essential self-care in a location that has something for everyone.

Achieve better outcomes.

LIC6 gives you fresh, actionable strategies that translate into more successful addictions treatment for your clients and better outcomes for your organization.

Broaden revenue opportunities.

LIC6 trains you to recognize, diagnose and treat process addictions, a group of compulsive disorders now clearly identified in the DSM-V as Behavioral Addictions, which are eligible for clinical billing.

Learn from a trusted source.

LIC6 is in partnership with the the National Association of Social Workers-Nevada Chapter, draws respected exhibitors and vendors from around the country, and is known among behavioral health professionals as one of the most dynamic and worthwhile events of the year.

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